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KRUDER & DORFMEISTER - DJ Kicks. A series of releases from Studio K7 famous for the quality of music being offered. K & D did this in 1996, and it's a good example of the trance music scene at that time and space. Two years later they released the amazing K & D Sessions.
KRUDER & DORFMEISTER - The K & D Sessions. THE hippest thing I've heard in years - listen to cd-one and you're blown away, cd-two is for chilling. Mesmerizing, hypnotic, artistically inspiring, can't stop listening to the bass line music. "Bug Powder Dust" brings me back to the Abraxas in Amsterdam, where I met Bill Burroughs and shared a big bomber over a cup of wrong way coffee - in reverse. The problem with K & D is that they are addictive. Released 1998.

KRUDER & DORFMEISTER - G-Stoned The legends weren't up for some trippin' on this one. Apart from the Simon & Garfunkel spoof cover, the music inside is only for die-hard K & D fans. You can hear the talent, but the brilliance isn't there. The cut "Deep Shit, Pt 1 & 2" has the best sound on this release.

NIGHTMARES ON WAX - Smoker's Delight (1995) and Carboot Soul (1999) are a bit jazzier than K&D, but the music does the same thing to your brain, it insinuates itself into your ears, then slides up the aural nerve and something happens with limbic overflow and seratonin levels. You'll never be the same.
KID LOCO - DJ Kicks Another from Studio K7. Kid Loco is many things, but you might think he's listened to a lot of "Firesign Theater" from the title track, "Don't You Know I'm Loco." Never boring, changing styles in every song makes this a winner. An ambient/trip-hop/acid jazz audio trip. Released 1999.

OM LOUNGE 3 - third in a series of trance/acid jazz/remixes that get you up, and thinking. You have to play it over and over to satisfy your soul. It just grabs you and says listen! Which you are happy to do... Released 2000.

PHOTEK - Form & Function (1998) Electronic remix trance acid, upbeat, infectious and fun. Lots of percussion to keep things moving, but mellow enough to relax into.
THIEVERY CORPORATION - DJ Kicks as if K & D met up with Wendy/Walter Carlos, Persuasive Percussion and Ravi Shankar. Mellow, dubby, "tranquilo." From the Washington, D.C. masters of mellow. Another from the series by Studio K7.