Here are some selected works of poetry by some of the great poets.  These are filled with emotion, love, spirituality, angst and awareness.  Good poetry can bring joy, enlightenment and wonder into our lives.

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Howl and Other Poems- Allan Ginsberg  Ginsberg's controversial book of poetry that was declared obscene and banned.  Ginsberg won the court case, a landmark for free speech.  Ginsberg pioneered a new style of writing and artfully expressed his innermost rage at society's shortcomings. Ginsberg's dramtic reading of this work at coffeehouses in the 50s and 60s enthralled those "angelheaded hipsters" and established his reputation in literary circles.
Wilderness : The Lost Writings of Jim Morrison by Jim Morrison This is a composition of one of the greatest rockstar's poetry ever to live. We too often consider Jim Morrison just as a handsome face with a good voice, but this work really proves that there is much more. It is filled with amazing poetry written throughout his life. Don't expect this book just to be another collection of beautiful flowing words. It gives vision in each poem to places never seen before.
The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, Aubrey Beardsley (Illustrator) Gibran's inspirational masterpiece.  Divinely inspired philosophy without dogma.  A poetic guide to life and peace of mind.
Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman.  This classic book of poetry by one of America's greatest poets is full of spiritual wisdom. 
101 Classic Love Poems.  This book contains a great selection of love poems from the likes of Edgar Allen Poe, The Brownings, Shakespeare, Shelley, and Yeats
Seeds from a Birch Tree : Writing Haiku and the Spiritual Journey by Clark Strand.  A lot of Zen philosophy and haiku exercises, help you learn to write this simple expressive form of poety while discovering your inner nature.
The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe by Edgar Allan Poe.  Poe was one great storyteller.  His poems and stories are full of horror, mystery and the macabre.  A must for any fan as it includes much more than most Poe books (over 1000 pages).